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Q: What is the Weld County Bright Futures Grant Program?

Q: Why offer this program to the graduates of Weld County high schools and eligible veterans?

Q: What are the terms of the grant?

Q: Who is on the Weld County Bright Futures Grant Program Advisory Board?


Q: What is the application process?

Q: Do I need to fill out the FAFSA application?

Eligibility Requirements for High School Students

Q: What are the eligibility criteria for the grants?

Q: Will students who live in a neighboring district and apply to a Weld County high school under the Schools of Choice Agreement be eligible for this award?

Q: Will students who attend a Weld County high school and transfer out of the system prior to graduation be eligible?

Q: Is there an appeal process for students during their senior year, especially for hardship cases, such as, custody, death in family, foster care placement, etc.?

Higher Education Requirements

Q: What if I am a part-time student?

Q: What are the eligible Title IV accredited higher education institutions or certified training programs?

Q: Are vocational schools eligible?

Q: Can the grant be transferred to a private college or out-of-state vocational training program?

Q: Are there additional requirements that must be met after the initial award?

Q: What happens if the student fails to meet the requirements? Is the grant no longer available?

Q: Do you allow a credit limit waiver if the program requires more than 130 credit hours (not counting dropped or failed classes or those credits required for a minor or second major)?

What Does The Grant Pay For?

Q: When will grant funds be available?

Q: How are grant funds distributed?

Q: Are deposits required to secure enrollment covered?

Q: What are considered to be mandatory fees?

Q: Are application fees covered?

 Q: How long do students have to use the Weld County Bright Futures Grant?

Q: Is study abroad covered?


Q: How is the Weld County Bright Futures Grant Program funded?

Q: Who are the donors?

Q: How long will the Weld County Bright Futures Grant Program be available?

Q: Are there limits on the amount a student can receive annually and over the ten-year period?

Updated April 08, 2016.

Contact Information

Michelle Jensen
Bright Futures Program Administrator
(970) 400-3258

Heidi Becker
Bright Futures Program Administrator
(970) 400-3267
Weld County Bright Futures
(970) 400-3258